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School Trips It Takes a Team. Make It Happen.**Last update 21/3/18, contact me on my mobile, email or use the form on the "Contact Us" page. New website called is up and running, but still working on improvements, so check it out**

Hi, my name is Stewart Gangell and I have gladly accepted the position of owner, operator and tour guide, taking over from Ken Cohen whom I have known for past 11 years and joined Ken on 2x @ Aussie Space Tours in 2007 and 2010. As the new tour guide I will be organising the exploration of Space Technology designed for 12 or more secondary students and 2 teachers who have a strong interest in science. The trip will usually involve up to 13 days touring and working in NASA Space facilities in the United States and is a great opportunity for students who may wish to pursue a career in Science, Mathematics or Information Technology.

They will learn leadership and teamwork skills, flying Space Shuttle simulators and scuba diving at the Advanced Space Academy® in Huntsville, Alabama together with up to 500 like minded American students. They will lunch with an Astronaut at the Kennedy Space Centre and participate in a realistic Shuttle Launch Experience. They will see the Assembly building and landing facilities and the Saturn V moon rocket and visit historic launch sites of Cape Canaveral. The group may also visit EPCOT at Disneyworld or perhaps an Airboat ride touring the Everglades.

This is the science excursion of a lifetime!

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Secondary College NASA Space Camp Tours are planned
for 2018, based upon interest and numbers and bookings are subject to availability.
A special trip can also be planned for November/December and often used by private schools as a replacement for schoolies and include visits to Washington and/or Houston!

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Tours for 2018

The last space shuttle was launched by NASA, July 8, 2011, but Space camp is still going strong. So get in early as best times for Space Camp are March & September for Aust High Schools make early booking essential.


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