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Corporate tours are available throughout the year for 7-10 day space missions.

Senior Management & Leadership training that is out of this world
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Corporate Space Camp
Corporate Aviation Challenge





Corporate Space Camp® /
Corporate Aviation Challenge®

It Takes a Team. Make It Happen.**Last update 21/3/18, contact me on my mobile, email or use the form on the "Contact Us" page. New website called is up and running, but still working on improvements, so check it out**

The main thrust of the trip is a 3 day stay at the Space and Rocket Center® in Huntsville, Alabama. where the Corporate Programs immerse participants in the role of astronaut or fighter pilot, by combining team activities, state-of-the-art simulated training and missions, outdoor challenge courses and classroom sessions, and is available for both incentive and professional development purposes.

The training supplies team-oriented experience, key business skills are reinforced for a more effective learning process: leadership, communication, decision-making, trust and integrated planning are all put to the test and you can see which senior executives have "The Right Stuff". This has to be seen to be believed so catch the video!

It’s a place where business suits are replaced with flight suits, cellular phones are exchanged for throttle controls and you’re calling the shots from the seat of a high-performance jet or launching the most sophisticated vehicle ever created by mankind.

This tour also visits Kennedy Space Center for a VIP tour and lunch with an Astronaut. From there, maybe off to Washington DC to visit the Smithsonian, Arlington cemetery, go for jog passed the White House or perhaps discuss other some more options before returning to the rigors of the business world. I guarantee your team will never be the same!.

Corporate Space Camp® /
Corporate Aviation Challenge ®

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Space Camp® /
Aviation Challenge ®
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