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About Aussie Space Tours. It Takes a Team. Make It Happen.**Last update 21/3/18, contact me on my mobile, email or use the form on the "Contact Us" page. New website called is up and running, but still working on improvements, so check it out**

Background: Ken Cohen has now retired as "Space Camp® Ambassador".

After 28 years of teaching and 15 years taking space camp tours, Mr Ken Cohen has finally retired. His replacement and friend, is me, Mr Stewart Gangell and I will be offering my services and experiences for groups, small and large and even with individual tours. So, the tours can be either escorted or un-escorted depending on the school or the space enthusiasts requirements and expectations to with the possibility to organise their own space camp tour.

My expertise and knowledge was gained while participating in Ken's Aussie Space Tours in 2007 and 2010 and additional solo trips in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. This will surely assist in helping teachers from Victorian schools to plan and organise their own Space Camp tours. While it was envisaged that tours were to commence in 2017, sadly this was not possible due to only few inquiries. Now for 2018, if you are interested in group bookings small or large or perhaps individual and personal tour, then I would like to hear from you.

Fully escorted and unescorted adult tours will be planned for as numbers of interested parties become known and yes, most are planned around the time of a Delta, Atlas or Falcon 9 rocket launch. These adult trips are a fantastic experience, often with lunch with an astronaut and a simulated "shuttle launch experience". See the adult tour section for the dates of previous tours. Note: The Space shuttle last launched by NASA on July 8, 2011.

With his assistance, Science Coordinators from all schools can offer middle to senior school science students the opportunity to attend the Advanced Space Academy® in Huntsville, Alabama and visit Kennedy Space Centre. Trips now have an added bonus of 2-3 days at Disneyworld, Orlando and at EPCOT and Animal Kingdom there are some behind the scenes tours looking at science careers in theme parks. A great way to spark a students interest in a science career.

The benefits of the tour to the students are enormous and the participants will grow in confidence in leaps and bounds. The previous Montmorency student participants have assisted their schools profile in the community by making "Space Camp" presentations to feeder primary schools, others talking at year level assemblies and a few even addressed local Rotary groups when fundraising. The overseas travel, together with meeting scientists and educators who love their jobs is an enormous boost to the student’s confidence. All space camp participants have matured beyond their years and become fully focussed on their careers, and set themselves goals with all going on to university to study science and some attending space related courses, with the intention to be involved with NASA’s future ventures to the Moon and Mars.

The trip will provide a powerful direct learning experience, which will enable the participants to;

  1. Explore the wonders of science, maths and technology through the space program.
  2. Participate in scientific excursions not available here in Australia.
  3. Understand the organisation and rigours of international travel.
  4. Experience hands on and in-depth training by dedicated professionals.
  5. Visit the unique "Area 51" as well as high-tech tours and leadership training.
  6. Meet and work with up to 500 highly motivated American students.
  7. Foster feelings of global participation and citizenship.


He does all the organisation both before and during the trips and based on a minimum of 13 students, 2 teachers can usually be accommodated free! Places at the space camp in Alabama are often difficult to secure and usually ONLY offered to USA students from American schools. (However, due to his regular visits and contact with booking personnel, 12-20 places can be held in various time slots for a short period).
Feel free to contact him and discuss your schools possibilities!

Note: The prices given are just an estimate based on past tours. I have no preferred booking agent and you can use your own schools travel agent to determine which airline you use, flight stopover times and suitable hotels. I can suggest particular hotels and bus companies to  make the students overseas travel less stressful for the staff and tour leaders alike. Prices will be finalised after consultation with your agent.

The week long dates at space camp are fixed on a sessional basis, starting with registration on Sunday and graduation on Friday. The overall student tours are organised around those dates!   


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